Mixing Console 

Neve BCM 10 /all 1073’s

Studio Monitors

2.Genelec 1031A

2.Yamaha NSM10

Q System

Mytek PrivateQ W/ eight satellites


ProTools HD 36 In 36 out 192s/W plugins

Apogee Big Ben

Apogee Rosetta 192 AD-DA

1.studer B 67 two track

2.Dat SV-3800


8 Canon HD video cameras linked with studio sound.


8.Millennia HV-3D

2.UA 610 tube

4.Neve 1072 (Vintage)

8.Focusrite mic Pres

Outboard Compressors

2. Stereo units Neve 2254-E(Vintage)

1.LA2A mono

1.sumit mono TLA-100a (Vintage)

1.Stereo tube-tech LCA2B

1.Urei LA-22 Dual 1176 (Vintage)


Reverb Units

Lex pcm 90

Lex pcm 80

Lex PCM 60

Klark-Teknik DN-780 (Vintage)


1.Neumann U47 (Vintage) 1957

1.Neumann UM149

2.Neumann U87

2.Neumann TLM 170

2.Neumann KM 84 (Vintage)

1.Neumann KM 85 (Vintage)

1.Neumann KM 83 (Vintage) C37 tube (Vintage)

1.Gefell UM 70

2.AKG 414

2.AKG 460 /with cardioid and Omni capsules

5.AKG 421

1.AKG D12 Vintage

1.AKG D112

1.AKG 451 Vintage

1.RCA 44

1.RCA 77

1.RCA 74

2.beyer m260

1.Matched stereo pair Coles

1.Matched stereo pair B&K Omni(Vintage)

1.Matched stereo pair Sheps

6.SM 57


3.AT clip on

2.AT 4033


1.Avalon direct box

3.Countrymen direct box

2.Radial D2 stereo direct box

Also, many odds and ends. If you don’t see it on the list, Please ask



Steinway B piano/ yr20007

Hammond C3 organ with 22 Leslie(Vintage)

Rhodes suitcase 73 key (Vintage)

Rhodes stage 73 key (Vintage)

Wurlitzer 140 a (Vintage)

Mini Moog W/ moog drum (very Vintage)

(one of the first ever made)

Yamaha MO8-88KEY

Yamaha MO6- 61KEY

Roland Juno

Yamaha DX7 W/ cartridges

ARP 2600 synthesizer(Vintage)

Farfisa VIP 233 (Vintage)


Fender twin reverb (Vintage)1970s

Fender deluxe (Vintage) 1970s

Fender Princeton(Vintage)1964

Pollytone 15 inch

Yamaha 212 (Vintage)

Roland Jazz course 55 (Vintage)

Yamaha (Vintage)

Gibson 8 inch (Vintage) 1940s

Fender Leslie Vibratone Late 60’s

Bass Amp

Ampeg B12 (Vintage) 1960s

Ampeg SVT W8 10s “loud”



Gretsch  18″BD &22″BD 12/13/14/15 TT W 60’sn  1960s(Vintage)

Slingerland with calfskin 1957.20″bd 12/14 TT W radio King snare  (Vintage)

Ludwig 1960s Keystone 20″BD 12/16 TT W 1930s Ludwig snare drum  (Vintage)

DW Rock 24″DB 13/14/16/18 TT

Camco 1970s jazz kit 18″BD 12/14 TT

Perl fusion kit 22BD 10/12/14 TT

Latin percussion 40th anniversary congas

Latin percussion bongos

2.Ludwig copper timpani

electronic wave drum electronic

Aleesis, sample pad

Elc Linn Drum  (Vintage)

lots of Miscellaneous percussion/ gongs/cymbols etc.

lots of hardware.